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May 25, 2008

Islam in the west

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American Muslim converts and a number of Muslim scholars offer a closer look at Islam.

Subhanallah, the beauty within islam in a non-muslim country 🙂


May 22, 2008

How could I be your best friend? :-)

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Assalamualaykum (peace be upon you all),

Alhamdulillah, all praise is to Allah swt, the Cherisher and Sustainer of this beautiful world.

In the climate of exams and pressure, one would always thirstily seek to grasp the hidden air of of happiness. I could remember a famous tips of happiness from the famous book La tahzan(Dont be sad), which elaborated that one of the most effective way to gain happiness and peace in heart is by making others happy. 🙂 🙂

Based on my experience, this tips does really work. As I was stressed and bored study, it would be a delightful feeling when trying to make my Lil Sis(nurul) happy by doing what she wanted. At first I would think it would be really bored as she asked me to play badminton with her(girls are usually weak at sports). But as this I looked at her excitement and joy while playing, her feelings had automatically absorbed in me. I profusely lowered my skills as to let her win, furthermore, the game was getting more exciting. Later that day, we had Quran lesson and I could sense the difference. The environment of teaching and learning were more lively that night as she was very passionate in learning.

Here in college, why would it be hard to be friends with everyone. Sometimes it is caused by the bad attitude of the person or the unsuited personality we have. But do we need to be friends with everyone?

The Prophet(peace be upon him) said that,” Your iman is not complete until you love your ikhwah(muslim people) as much as you would love yourself”.

No matter what kind of people we meet, it is necessary for us to spread our love and become friend with them. If there were some bad things about the person, as a friend, we should always strive to assist our friend to the true path. We should not run away from people just because we hate their attitude or anything?

So being a friend would be a part of our duty as the humble creation of God and as the Khalifah of this world.

The characteristic of an ideal best friend: (Once I’ve asked one of my friend this question and he said…)

  • 1. A person that could guide us in the right path to gain the blessing and guidance of Allah swt
  • 2. A person who could be a good listener to us, and would feel open heartedly to hear to our problems and experience

Based on my experience, many people lack the second part of being a best friend. Sometimes we neglect to lend our ears to our friends.

Lastly, I would like apologize to all my friends for all the mistakes and wrongdoing I have done :-).

Please continue to be my friend….


May 14, 2008

O Anas, you are a Munafiq !! :-(

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Assalamualaikum wbt (Peace be upon you all),

Last Sunday, after Isyak, I could see tears rolling down the faces of my friends, the tears which even when myself tried to avoid it, but it also went pouring out my eyes. the talk on death was heartbreaking, heart softening, and a very strong reminder to me an my friends about our unavoidable future. At the end, everyone had even written wills, and I could feel the force of “Yaqin” about the hereafter in the atmosphere.

Today, as I walk along my daily life, with laughter and happiness, I began to wonder where was yesterdays sorrow?. Had our Iman been deteriorated? Is this the Iman of munafiq (hypocrite). Huhuhu, 😦 😦 😦

I could remember a story in Ihya Ulumuddin, where Hanzallah(r.a) says:

“We were once with the Prophet(peace be upon him) when he delivered a sermon. Our hearts became tender, our eyes were flowing with tears, and we relies where we stood. I left the prophet and returned home. I sat with my wife and children and cut jokes with my wife, and I felt that the effect of my sermon had completely vanished from my heart. Suddenly it occurs to me that I was not what I had been, and I said to myself,” O Hanzallah, you are a Munafiq” i was strike with grief and I left my house repeating these words with sorrow. 😦

I saw Abu Bakar(ra) coming toward me and I said to him, “Hanzallah had turned Munafiq”, He said,”Subhanallah, what are you saying, Hanzallah can never be a Munafiq”, I explained to him: When we were with the Prophet)peace be upon him) and listen to the discourses about Paradise and Hell, we feel as if the both are presesnt before our very eyes, but we when return home and are absorbed our domestic and family affairs, we forgot all about the Hereafter.

Abu Bakar(r.a) said,”My case is exactly the same.” We both went to the Prophet(peace be upon him) and I said:” I have turned Munafiq, O, Prophet of Allah!”, He inquired about the matter, and I repeated what I had said to Abu Bakar. Thereupon the Prophet remarked,:” By Him who controls my life, if you would keep up for all the times the conditions arouse in you when you are with me, angles would greet you in your walks and in your beds. But O Hanzallah! This is rare! This is rare!”

As human, we can’t avoid making mistakes, but should always strive to enrich our hearts we zikrullah(remembrence of Allah), Insyallah

“Fear of Allah is the root of wisdom”-Al-Hadith


May 13, 2008

Khutbah Jumaat in Iraq

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You could view part of this khutbah in the film Fitna…

May 12, 2008

Ar-Rahman (Most Gracious)

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Subhnallah, the blessings of Allah is everywhere,

We, as human being, with the ability to make decisions, if we choose to follow the commands of Allah, every creations in the universe, the sun, star, cats ,tress, water, mountains etc would probably say,” You are now one of our beloved companions, because you follow our path, which the path of submission to The All Mighty God 🙂 “,


May 9, 2008

Anas bin Nadhir (Radhiallahuanhu) :-)

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Dari Anas ra. berkata, “Bapa saudaraku Anas bin An-Nadr tidak bersama dalam Perang Badar lalu dia berkata, “Ya Rasulullah, aku tidak bersama ketika engkau kali pertama berperang menghadapi musyrikin. Jika aku dapat memerangi musyrikin, Allah akan memperlihatkan kamu apa yang akan aku lakukan”. Pada hari Perang Uhud dan tentera Islam menerima padah, dia berkata, “Ya Allah, aku memohon maaf kepadaMu terhadap apa yang mereka (tentera Islam) lakukan dan aku berlepas diri untukMu dari apa yang mereka (tentera Musyrikin) lakukan, kemudian dia mara dan bertemu menghadap Saad bin Muaz (ketua Ansar) lalu berkata, “Ya Saad bin Muaz ! Syurga dan demi Tuhan, aku sedang mencium bau Syurga yang datang dari arah Bukit Uhud”. Saad berkata, “Ya Rasulullah! Aku tidak mampu lakukan sepertimana yang dia dapat lakukan. Kata Anas, “Kami dapati padanya lebih dari 80 liang akibat pukulan pedang, tikaman tombak dan panah. Dia telah terbunuh dan dikelar-kelar oleh kaum Musyrikin. Tidak seorang pun yang dapat mengenalinya kecuali kakaknya melalui jari-jarinya. Kata Anas ra, “Kami lihat atau rasa bahawa ayat ‘Dari kalangan orang-orang beriman terdapat mereka yang membenarkan apa yang dijanjikannya kepada Tuhannya’… (hingga akhir ayat) diturunkan untuknya atau para Sahabat ra seperti beliau. (Hadis Sahih riwayat Al-Bukhari).

🙂 🙂 🙂

May 8, 2008

Zombies :-)

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All praise for Allah,

Alhamdulillah, with all His blessings, Allah sbt, the Originator of all Knowledge had granted me with uncountable number of gifts including the privilage of sitting for A-level next week. As I look at the juniors today, they walk around the college without this feeling that I have now. Just as I sat in this IT lab I could imagine myself without all this gift. 😦 , EWW, I would simple have different feelings…

Once I heard, “A person wih heart that have no remembrence of Allah could be considered as a Zombie”. I hope no matter what’s the juniors, or the seniors conditions right now, thier hearts must always be full of zikrullah, Insyallah 🙂


May 7, 2008


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Assalamualaikum wbt

First of all I would like to further my upmost gratitude to Allah sbt, The Most Gracious, Most Merciful, who have given me the oppoturnity to start this blog. 

Verily, I bear witnees that there is no God except Allah and Muhammad(Peace be upon him) is the Messenger of Allah.

Every strength ,powers, and knowledge comes from from Allah and everything else has absolutely no strength without the permission of Allah.

Insyallah I would use this blog as a mean to share with everyone my thoughts and ideas. May Allah guide me in right path. Ameen 

Special thanks for my fellow college mate, Hisham, Zaim, Afiq,Khairul, Huzaifah for all your help and support for me to start this page. I hope we would gain Allah’s guidance and blessings.


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