At Thariq ilal Quluub

May 16, 2009

Without Islam…? a glimps on the socio-politics

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh…


Dear respected people 🙂

Have U ever wondered living in a world without Islam?

Let us look back at history where at a time the light of true guidance barely visible…

Here’s some information I gained in a chapter of a book, “Islam and The World” by Sayyed Abul Hassan Ali Nadwi.

It narates the situation around the world at the time just before the Prophet SAW.


The Chinese…

– The chinese for instance called their Emperor “Son of the Heaven“. The Emperor would be the sole father over his people and has the right to rule over them as he wishes. The people say to him ” You alone are our benifactor”. Under the spell of this concept, when Emporer Taitsung died, the chinese were so overwhelmed with grief that many of them pierced their face with needles, some cut off their hairs, and others bruised their ears by striking their faces on the coffin

Emperor Taitsung

The Romans…

-It is an article of faith that they believed that the Roman was the sovereignty or the only race. Other races in the world were the vein and arteries whose only purpose was to carry the blood, to and from the heart, which was Rome

-“…the rule of Egypt was for the sole purpose of wringing profit out of the ruled…There was NO IDEA OF GOVERNING for the Egyptions..”

“… the Roman subjected the Syrians to the WORST TYPE OF TYRANNY….the Syrian could NEVER acquire the right of CITIZENSHIP of the Roman Empire(the Syrians remains stateless). Taxes were so high that people sell their children to pay them..


-The condition of the peasents of Iran was really petiable. the were doomed to eternal serfdom, recieved no encouragement, salary or wages.

-Khusrau Perves of Iran, “…possessed 12000 women,50000 thoroughbred horses, countless palaces, ..”

-The Iranian Emperors had a carpet, “Carpet of Spring”, which was spread during a royal parties…” it was a sixty yards square and could cover an acre of ground. Its base was of gold, leaves of silks, buds of golds and silver, and fruits of jewels. The borders was studded with diamonds. A number of canals had also been cut by jewels…”  

Grand Palace of Persepolis

This is just a glimps of it…


Ever wondered if we were the ones living at those time???


May Allah gives us Guidance on the straight path..




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