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February 26, 2010

The callers to Allah..

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Alhamdulillah, Allah had chosen us all to follow his deen…

And may us hold tight in the path of those Allah’s love, the prophets, righteous, martyrs and the siddiqin.


Here’s I would share with you the characteristic of a da’i taken from a book, which quoted Sheikh Abdul Qadir al-Kailani restless efforts of explaining the compulsory urge to invite people to Allah swt:

A da’i is a Muslim that calls people to Allah.

They would need to have the quality of being highly trustworthy and having noble characteristics. This could be achieved by giving 100% or everything for the sake of Allah and inviting people to His path.

With this, they would forget all self happiness. Their focus would only be to the people they are calling and would only speak anything that would bring goodness to their mad’u.

The world of a da’i is infinitely vast, without any borders, from the worldly businesses and wealth, or self interests, or any positions or ranks.

All of this is nothing in a life of the callers. The caller’s world would only be towards the people that they were calling. This is their businesses, their happiness, and their positions.

“He is a person that would be seem as to have no interests, wants or happiness of this world. He would forget everything, his foods and drinks, cloths, and even himself because of his worry towards the creations of Allah. There’s nothing in his heart that were for him. The only thing there is, would be the creation’s of Allah i.e. the people that he calls to Allah. What he requested are anything that would bring benefits to the people that he calls because what had left for himself were rested upon Allah swt to decide”



By Allah, this dakwah would not achieve victory, its aims and dreams if we would only give our spare time for it, and would have interest for ourselves…



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